Adventure Sport

Adventure Sport


SAM group is the pioneer to start a new venture of Adventurous sports by starting the “Aurosport Academy” which is primarily focused on the Equestrian sport – Horse Riding and the Adventure sports – Archery & Open Rifle Shooting. Our aim is to make students achieve mastery in this competitive sport from an Archer to a toxophilite. The Academy serves all grades of students with suitable horses to ride & trot. Effective & scheduled trainings are provided by adept horse trainers to help students learn and excel, all stages like gallop, canter, show jump and racing. Such sports inculcate sportive and brave spirit.


Archery- a physically demanding sport is fun filled and improves upper body strength providing greater control. Archers develop their focus, flexibility, and attention skills. Archery improves attention, patience and provides enjoyment. This sport, included in the student curriculum provides all the above said benefits to the users. Well trained coaches help the students to achieve mastery over the sport.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is introduced to students of all grades in SAM Universal. This equestrian sport teaches patience, discipline, understanding, empathy, compassion, self-control, and dedication. Riders can develop better reflexes and a sense of balance and coordination as they use their entire body to guide and propel the horse forward. Riding also offers cardio benefits. The study completed by the BHS concluded that horseback riding stimulated mainly positive psychological feelings. The classes are scheduled, twice a week for the students. Students are taught to Trot, canter and Gallop in the Horses. Show jumping becomes a part of the training schedule.