Boarder Parents Hand Book

Sri Aurobindo mira Unverical School CBSE

Instructions to Visitors

  • Visitor must present this card at the gate; this is your permitted card.
  • No Visitor will be permitted without the visitors card
  • This card has to be carried by the visitor to liaise with the school / College (to visit the campus, to pickup or drop the boarder etc.,).
  • Only five members will be entertained at a time, per boarder, during the visitor’s day, which is inclusive of the card holders.
  • Only the person mentioned in the card will be permitted and this card is not transferable.
  • Please avoid bringing eatables and other non permissible items during the visits.
  • Please strictly adhere to the date and timings.
  • Parent / Guardian must co-operate with the school officials in filling up the details in the necessary documents.
  • Incase of loss of this card, Parent / Guardian has to pay Rs.200/- and collect new card from front office.
  • On any case visitors will not be permitted inside the campus before 9.00 a.m. & after 4.00 p.m. and on holidays.

Visiting Hours on Visitor’s Day:

Visiting Hours Grade Exeat Particulars
9.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m.

9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
Grades 4 to 9 & 11

Grades 10 & 12
Exeat allowed

Exeat allowed

Visitor’s Day – Exeat / Visit – Special Instructions:

  • This is the “allowed” visit that is scheduled in the boarder’s calendar and it should be recorded in the student’s Gate Pass book.
  • Only Father / Mother / Local Guardian – 1 / Local Guardian – 2 / Close relations of the boarder (Maximum 5 Members) will be permitted to see the student.
  • The visitor(s) of one student cannot meet or talk to any other student during this visit. Visitors should also avoid passing the phones or any other gift articles to other students.
  • The Visiting hours can happen only within the permitted / stipulated time. No extended time will be granted.
  • Visitors are advised not to bring food from home on visitor’s day.
  • Students cannot take to the Dorm any of the food supplies from outside as it will invite insect’s rats or even get spoilt.
  • If Visitors want to give money to their ward for any reason, the cash must be deposited only with the warden in-charge and record the same in the Cash Deposit Information Sheet in the Gate Pass book. School is not responsible for the loss of ‘cash’ left in student’s custody.
  • Visitors cannot report early or go late quoting time and distance.
  • Visitors are requested to replenish the essential items such as hair oil, Soap, Shampoo, body cream or lotion etc. during the visit and declare the same in the Gate Pass book.
  • Visitors are required to declare the information of the medicine in the special boarder health record book and handover all the medicines to the warden incharge.
  • Visitors should avoid taking photographs or videos inside the campus during the visit.

Special Note:

  • Plan all your Outings, Doctor appointments, Family get together, Religious ceremonies, etc. during the Home Stay mentioned in the Boarders’ calendar.
  • Time for Hostel Office Communication: Monday to Friday (only between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon)[email protected] School phone no.0452-2380279
  • Please drop in your suggestions in the box provided in the School security office or email us at [email protected]