Parents Teachers Meeting



“A Teacher should inspire a child to reach academic success; A Parent should inspire their child to use that success in a way that influences positive change in the world”


          Parents meet was held in the esteemed premises of our institution Sri Aurobindo Mira Universal School on 16th December 2017. The meet was held with the objective of discussing with parents regarding their children performance and trying to settle their grievances and also measures are to be taken for the growth and development of the students. So that they can meet and cope up with present day challenges. Parents expressed their appreciation of the open and welcoming atmosphere in the school. Nearly five hundred parents were reported for the meet.

The parents Teacher Meeting was conducted as per the following schedule:

Ø  As per the time schedule given the parents were reporting to the reception hall.

Ø  Distribution of feedback forms at the reception desk.

Ø  A feedback form was filled up by the parents.

Parents were meeting the concern teachers to know about their child’s performances. The progress report for the first term was shown to the parents and their suggestions were noted. Parents were given feedback on their ward’s performance in Formative and Summative Assessment and during class. Teachers gave factual information to parents based on their records to date. Parents heard how their child is progressing in all subjects. This includes the area of success and the area that need for improving. Parents learned how to support their children’s education at home. Parents also shared their expectations for their child with teachers. The parents were satisfied with the Administration, Teaching, and Non-Teaching of the school. All the parents expressed their faith in the working of the school. Refreshing session also made the parents to feel good about the hospitality of the school. At last, Parents expressed their happiness towards the quality of education at school and the departments and also praised the school and the departments and also praised the school for providing a good infrastructure facilities and encouragement for extracurricular/co-curricular activities which helps the overall development of an individual students. The parents teachers meet progress of the students depends on the joint effort of parents and teachers.