Pongal Celebration - 2018

                             Pongal Celebration 2018

                           Savoir Faire the Village Life…...

SAM Universal always rejoices the charm of our tradition, culture and imparting values in the young minds so that our eccentric heritage is sustained. One of the longest celebrations in Tamil culture, ‘The Pongal Festival’ was   celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm in the school premises on 11th January 2018. Before the veritable celebration began the teachers ensured that all the pupils are cognizant with the significance of Pongal festivities in the class rooms with different teaching resources. On 10th January 2018’ Bhogi’ was observed as thanks giving to Lord ‘Indira’ the God of heavens and students penned  down their bad habits in a piece of paper and sworn to eliminate it by casting them into fire.

 The next day the students were surprised to see the  whole campus  transformed into a Hamlet .The students were welcomed traditionally by placing vermillion on their foreheads, and the magnificently decorated  Giant Tusker blessed them as they walked  into the campus .They were also served with traditional drinks much to their thrill and amusements. They went agog with joy watching the displays and the stunning procession that included all the customary shows and dances like Karagattam, Kavadiyattam, Mayilattam, Oyilattam, Silambattam etc., In addition, the  students enjoyed playing the fast fading cultural games like Pallankuli, kittipul, Aadupuliaattam, Pambaram etc  and their noteworthiness were exhibited. Furthermore, the miscellaneous food stalls and sundry shops took the students to the state of glee and euphoria and they couldn’t have asked for more.


Simultaneously, exuberant “On stage performances” by the students and teachers were showcased.  The most prolific shows that beguiled the students to the paramount ecstasy were the “ Ramfight, cockfight and particularly Jallikattu.” During the auspicious time, Pongal was cooked amidst the Ululation rhythm and special pooja was offered   to the Deities .The scrumptious sweet Pongal and sugar canes were distributed to all staff members, parents and children. The Parents too joined and witnessed the celebration in the afternoon session. Most of them were found amazed and enthusiastically participated in the special games like Uriyadi, Slow cycle Race and Sack race which are  particularly designed for the parents. The winners were instantly honoured with gifts by our Director. Thus the day came to an end, etching treasured memories in the minds to cherish at home.


       1. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 1

       2. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 2

       3. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 3 

       4. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 4

       5. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 5

       6. Pongal Competition Circular - Grade 6

       7. Pongal Competition Circular -  Grade 7

       8. Pongal Competition Circular -  Grade 8 

       9. Pongal Competition Circular - Pre KG

      10. Pongal Competition Circular - LKG

      11. Pongal Competition Circular - UKG

      12. Pongal Competition Circular - LKG (Nehru Nagar)

      13. Pongal Competition Circular - UKG (Nehru Ngar)

      14. Pramparyam Pongal Circular - 2018