3 rd Annual Kindergarten sports Meet

                                                                                                             A  Day to Relish……………


It was a bright sunny day with pleasant breeze. The stage was all set to celebrate the 3 rd Annual Kindergarten sports day which turned out to be a glorious day, as a large number of parents turned out to encourage the kids. Our compeers started the day with great gusto, welcoming the parents and engaging the kids to unleash their joyful experience of fun and frolic they had during the week. The Chief Guest of the Day Mr.S.Balaji,,  M.Ed., M. Phil  Tasildhar Madurai District was escorted to the dais by our Chairman and Director. The cute babies of Upper Kindergarten Madhu Bala and Sanjana   welcomed our chief guest with their babble brimming tone .The National, Olympic and school flags were unfurled by our Chief guest, Chairman and Director respectively after the traditional lamp lighting ceremony and floral tribute to the portraits of Sri Aurobindo ,Mother Mira and our Amma Late Mrs.Jhansi Rani Chandran.

The Scintillating splendid Parade procession of the kids was led by the mascot of a colourful Rooster ,the zodiac sign symbolizing the entry of new year according to Chinese Calendar which was led by a Huge mascot of a massive puppet recollecting our traditional drama art .Beautiful mammoth mascot of tri colour butterflies were also a part of the cavalcade. The kids Majestic walk added beauty to the Royal procession. Meenakshi Varshini of UKG administered the oath and the chief guest declared the meet open. Balloons and Doves were let free symbolizing joy and harmony amidst great cheer. The Director welcomed the gathering, introduced the chief guest of the day and wished all the competitors good luck.

The event started with the shimmering welcome shuffle by the barbies of upper kindergarten which set the onlookers awe stuck. The bouncy array of drill display of lower and upper kindergarten was extremely enticing and colourful. The ground was not empty even for a single second ,one powerful performance followed the other keeping the audience enthralled throughout the show. Our burgeoning archers Master Madav, Baby Anvitha and Master Thirumurugan displayed their skill in archery by keenly aiming at the target.  

The Sprit of competitive sports came alive as the students participated in a wide range of sport events which enhances their gross motor skills. Kids were grouped into different teams thereby they experienced team spirit and appreciating the skills of their peers. Winding the reels of the past, the enthusiastic parents joyfully participated in the exclusively designed event for them. It was indeed a wonderful scene to witness them energetically participating  in the events with child like glee .The winners were honored by our Chairman Dr.C.Chandran and Madam Director Mrs.Nikki Flora. Each and every child, participated in the sport event carried home prizes with vim and pride. The program came to a closure with the vote of thanks proposed by Master Madhav and  Ishan  of Upper Kindergarten.


Congratulations! to the entire sports department and all the faculty  of SAM UNIVERSAL. 

Programme Photos

Prize winners