I3 System of Education
The i3 System of Education means “An Infinite in being Inquisitive on Intelligent Quotient”

Our i3 system of education focuses on educating the child on not only cognitive development, but also social emotional, and physical well-being on each student. We aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring world citizens with adaptable skills to tackle society’s complex challenges. This helps the future minds to develop internationally-minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and sharing guardianship of the planet, helps to create a better and more peaceful world.

We believe in educating the best citizens. We believe Pre-School is just the beginning of your child’s journey at SAM UNIVERSAL In our Pre-School we are enthusiastic advocates of play and believe that learning should be filled with fun, curiosity and imagination. Directed and undirected play is important to a child’s overall development because, through play, children explore their world, gain skills in early academics and learn to be independent and organized. They gain decision-making skills, learn how to take initiative and practice perseverance.

Play is also the primary driver in the Primary Years Programme inquiries for Early learners. As Children explore insects, seasons, water and more, they do so through hands-on, active and engaging activities and materials. Through role play and daily interactions with peers, children develop empathy for one another and hone their social skills.

Children of two and half to three years old in Pre-School enhances communication skills, builds self-confidence and teaches conflict resolution. They learn that their classmates have their own interests and levels of experience.

In Pre-School we support children in developing their abilities to assert themselves and to act with a sense of fairness. Having one’s own opinion, presenting it fearlessly, and learning to revise based on input is important for each developing personality.


The most successful way to acquire a new language is immersion. In Pre-School Children at SAM UNIVERSAL experience English and Tamil through their daily interactions with their teachers and their native-speaking peers. Together they explore the world around them, engage in songs and fingerplays, listen to stories, express themselves artistically and through lots of movement. Language learning literally becomes child’s play!!

The benefits of learning a second language are numerous, and positively impact children’s present and future academic and professional lives. Second language acquisition is tightly linked to increased performance in areas of social and academic development such as verbal communication, mathematical development and reasoning skills. It is also linked to increase young children’s cultural awareness and understanding of differences.

Preparing for elementary through play, inquiry and hands-on experiences in Junior KG and Senior KG.

Our kindergarten focuses on preparing students to become confident and independent learners while providing a hands-on learning environment. It’s an exciting time for students as they learn to find and express their own unique voices and we focus on giving students lots of experiences to build on throughout the year. There is a focus on social emotional development within the class setting as well as through weekly lessons.

At UNIVERSAL we also incorporate plenty of both structured and unstructured outdoor learning and playtime, which is essential to emotional, social, and physical development.

Children grow in confidence and self-awareness as they develop the ability to work productively on their own and as members of a group. Classroom routines, activities, and expectations are designed to help children grow in their understanding of, and appreciation for the interests, opinions and talents of others.

Language Learning in Kindergarten

Children gain pre-literacy skills by learning to recognize and print the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Essential Mathematical skills are developed through counting and sorting games and calendar recognition.

Children explore the world around them through field trips and express themselves artistically and musically. Seasonal themes, songs and stories all reinforce the child’s progress towards formal education in English as well as Tamil and Hindi, the national language.