KG Activities

SAM Universal uses a healthy combination of Montessori and Play way methods to nurture inherent qualities of children so they can mature in a fun way. Our neat and spacious, brightly coloured classrooms with appealing materials of different shapes, colours and textures help children increase their cognitive powers through well structured work schedules.


The learning exercises at this stage are combined with child-centric, informal play activities to develop psychomotor functions and make learning a fun activity. A sample of activities conducted in this regard are: 


               Kindergarten - Week Celebration - 2016 - 17

1. Kindergarten -Week Celebration - Red day

2. Kindergarten - Week Celebration -Blue day

3.Kindergarten - Week Celebration - All About Me

4.Kindergarten - Week Celebration - Emotions Day

5.Kindergarten - Week Celebration - My World of Fantasy

6.Kindergarten - WeeK Celebration - T-Shirt Day

7. Kindergarten - Week Celebration -Fruit salad Day

8. Kindergarten - Week Celebration- Yellow Day

9. Kindergarten - Week Celebration - LKG Fruit Salad Day

10. Kindergarten- Week Celebration - Green Day

11.Kindergarten - week celebration - Field Trip