1. Why do you send much homework / why do you send less homework?

We neither send more nor send less; we send homework keeping in view the child’s optimum time usage at home. It’s clearly mentioned that all the home work subject wise will carry the time span, appropriate to the age of the student. It paves way for more doubts

2. What is the purpose of the assignment?

The assignment ensures that the child delves deeply into the topic and understands it better. The main purpose of the assignment is to increase the learning capabilities of students.

3. What is the purpose of projects?

A project serves the purpose of application based hands on learning.

4. My child is on long leave; how do I get to know the classroom activities, homework and school happenings?

Parent can keep a real time fact of the status of your child on school circulars students’ homework, classroom activities and the happening at the school through school application-Stppeify and webportal.                                                                                       

4. What academic standards do you use, and what do I need to know about them?

We follow a curriculum where of collaborative LSRW skills, concept understanding, and skill based learning and catering to the individual needs which are the keys to unlock the door to success.

5. How will you respond if or when my child struggles in academics?

We do follow IEP that is Individualized Educational program which assess each individual during the course of the regular classroom activities and we do also follow a transparent communication where the parents are kept informed.

6. How I can improve my child’s reading level?

Just 20 minutes daily reading practice is sufficient to increase their reading fluency :

1.   Encourage a wide variety of reading activities

2.   Develop an attractive library corner at home

3.   Motivate reading bedtime stories

7. How are creativity and innovative thinking used on a daily basis in your classroom?

Our classroom ambience is built with various classroom management tools which transform the classrooms which triggers the creativity and brings out the unique talent of the child.

8. What kind of questions do you suggest that I ask my children on a daily basis about your class?

Rather than questioning, a casual conversation can take place to understand the child’s progress in learning and adaptability at school.