It was an stimulating experience for the SAMUNES Who took   part in the Trekking expedition organized by the NCC  club to the Samanar Hills , an interesting site to visit. Around 30 cadets embarked on a joyful mission to the hills.  As soon as the students boarded down the bus they got sight of the gorgeous lotus temple located at the foot of the hills. Trekking up, the students experienced a refreshing setting. As they reached the top of the hills they caught sight of few places where people visit to meditate. The calmness and the spiritual serenity of these hills made them rejuvenated They got the opportunity to explore the areas of  historical richness and as they trekked down they reached an ideal spot where they spent some quiet time meditating and experienced spiritual serenity. The intention behind organizing such camp was to inculcate the spirit of adventure among the young cadets, leadership qualities and impart them with practical knowledge and adaptability to the environment.