Physical Education @ SAM Universal

Physical education is an integral part of the school curriculum. It caters to the development of motor abilities and the physical intelligence in students.

After the selection of students with much care and diligence, they are trained to excel in their chosen game or athletic event. The Prime purpose of this training to make the students acquire the required skill and to compete to exhibit their adept abilities.

Students are fielded in various sports meets like Zonal, District, Divisional and Athletic Sports meet to compete at all levels- from the Inter school level to the International level. This exposure builds in children the team spirit, confidence, and develops efficiency to master their chosen game.

The Annual Athletic Meet that is held in the school which provides the platform for all students to contribute their mite to bring laurels for their house. This promotes the spirit to toil for the house in order to bring name and honour. The school is divided into 4 houses naming-Gladiolus, Columbine, Iris and Phlox.


Physical education is taught in our school with the motto “Towards Olympics”. 90% of the games played in the Olympics are taught to our students. It is mandate for a student to choose 2 sports along with the track and field events for a semester. The Adventure Sports like Equestrian, Swimming, and Archery are embedded in our curriculum and taught with professionally qualified trainers. Click on the sports meet page to view our children performance.